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Every Advertiser inside will give you either 10% or £10 discount on production of the advert.

Just contact the advertiser, or visit them and take along your booklet to show them, and they will give you either a 10% or £10 discount off your purchase.

Conditions may apply, and will vary with each individual company – we suggest you contact them or ask when you visit.

10% discount may be subject to a maximum value, depending on the advertiser.

£10 discount only applicable with purchases with a minimum value – just ask the advertiser when you contact them or when you visit.

Discounts may only be available for three months following publication – the date will be on the outside cover.

In any dispute or disagreement, the decision of the advertiser is final.

Acceptance of the voucher is at the discretion of the advertiser, who may refuse under certain conditions. Photocopies will not be accepted.

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