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Our charity, Missions of Hope is registered with the Charity Commission, number 1168460.

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Find out more about our registered charity, Missions of Hope, charity number 1168490.

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  • Sofa and bedding for a disabled young man

    Sofa and bedding for a disabled young man

    "Just wanted to thank you - I appreciate it so very much. It's awecome! I'm VERY happy! Thank you so very much."

    AF from Pensarn
    Sofa and bedding
  • Man in debt - Photo credit InvestmentZen - www.investmentzen.com

    Debt Relief Order paid for a young man with mental health problems

    A young man in debt, with only £13 a week to live on after paying his bills, was desperate to get out of debt, but couldn't raise the £90 needed for a Debt Relief Order. We were able to raise £45, with his local church also giving another £45. (Photo modified from InvestmentZen - www.investmentzen.com)

    SB would like to thank all the people who donated money to his appeal for help towards his Debt Relief Order application.   He says that he could not have raised the amount of money required due to his circumstances and that when the DRO letter from the Insolvency Agency came through his letter box it was like a huge weight had been lifted from his shoulders.   He would like to thank everyone who has helped him to get on with his life.

    Anonymous Man
    Debt Relief order paid for
    ACTS 435 gift
  • £120 Gift for a disabled lady in need

    £120 Gift for a disabled lady in need

    We were so pleased to help this lovely middle aged lady, who struggles with her mobility and her balance due to a stroke early in her life. She relies on her laptop for online banking and online shopping, because she cannot get out. Her laptop is her link to the outside world, and when it broke down, we were able to raise £120 towards a replacement for her.

    Anonymous Woman
    Gift Recipient
    ACTS 435 gift
  • £120 Gift and two sofas, to help rehouse a homeless man

    £120 Gift and two sofas, to help rehouse a homeless man

    We were able to provide this middle aged father of 2 with £120 towards a fridge freezer, and also with two leather sofas. He was moving into a new flat after being homeless for around six months.

    "Absolutely amazing - Thank You so much for your generous help and support."

    Anonymous Man
    ACTS 435 Donation of £120
  • Community Development Cymru

    Saving Christmas for 50 homeless people in Rhyl

    Christmas nearly didn't happen for around 50 homeless people in Rhyl in 2016, as the charity organising their Christmas lunch had been let down and had no turkey. Not only were we able to provide the turkey and all the trimmings - but Christmas pudding as well!

    "On behalf of everyone at CDC and everyone who attended the day, we would like to thank you again on your contribution to a truly wonderful day."

    Community Development Cymru
    Local charity
    Supported by gifts and donations to feed 50 homeless people


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