Money Matters Club – Step 3

Money Matters Club Step 3

The aim of the Money Matters Club is to make a real difference in people’s lives, and in the community you live.

Membership fees are paid to purchase copies of the “Money Matters” newsletter and gives you access to the Money Matters app, and to our courses and resources – designed to help you improve your finances.

The newsletter and the app helps you learn how to manage your money, maximise your earnings, reduce your outgoings and improve your monthly budget. And by joining as a member, you can Earn as you Learn.

Now that you have signed up using PayPal, it’s time to download your Money Matters app and receive copies of your newsletters.

Once you receive copies of your newsletter, you can start giving them away and start building your team of members.

Step 3 Give away newsletters and start building your team

Money Matters Club – Step 3

As long as you have completed each step successfully, you will receive your copies of the Money Matters newsletter very soon. Once you have received them, you can start giving them away.

As you do that, you can start building your team of members – who do exactly the same as you – join, receive newsletters, and give them away. As they do that, they also Earn as they Learn, which helps build up your commissions too.

Your initial target is to enrol 5 members personally – when you reach that number, you will be earning as much as it costs you to be a member.

Your next target is to help each of your five members to enrol 5 members personally themselves – so that there will be 25 members at that level. You continue to earn commission as described in previous pages and below.

Get in touch to ask us how you can easily double or triple your potential earning!

Download the Money Matters app

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