Money Matters Club – Registration & Step 1

Money Matters Club Registration & Step 1

The aim of the Money Matters Club is to make a real difference in people’s lives, and in the community you live.

Membership fees are paid to purchase copies of the “Money Matters” newsletter and gives you access to the Money Matters app.

The newsletter and the app helps you learn how to manage your money, maximise your earnings, reduce your outgoings and improve your monthly budget. And by joining as a member, you can Earn as you Learn.

The first step to register is to complete the form below and send us your details – then you will be redirected to the second step, so that you can start to Earn as you Learn.

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Terms & Conditions

  • The Money Matters Club is a trading scheme that started in May 2019.
  • The promoter is C.I.C., registered address 372 Abergele Road, Old Colwyn, LL29 9UB; known as “the company.”
  • The goods supplied are:
    • Membership fee of £5 a month is for the purchase of 25 copies a month of Money Matters.
    • Payments are to be made monthly by PayPal.
    • The role of the participant is to distribute Money Matters and the Money Matters app.
  • Participants may terminate this agreement at any time, giving 14 days’ notice by sending a written letter to the registered address, or by email.
    • On termination of the agreement, the standing order may be cancelled – this is the responsibility of the participant.
    • On termination, no further copies of the newsletter will be provided.
    • If the participant has any copies that have not been distributed, then they may return copies that are within one month of their date of production for a full 100% refund.
  • Participants may also cancel this agreement within 14 days (“cooling off period”); any newsletters provided may be returned, and a full refund will be given.
  • The company reserves the right to cancel this scheme at any time with 14-days’ notice. This allows time for you to cancel the next standing order payment.
  • The following notice is required by the Trading Schemes Regulations 1997: “It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.”

A copy of the application form and the agreement will be provided for you when your application is processed.

Any queries, please contact

Thank You!   We look forward to welcoming you as part of the Money Matters Club.

Next Steps I'm ready for STEP 2

Now that you have completed the details above and sent them to us, we will be in touch to see how we can help you take the next step – unless you’re ready, in which case just go ahead!

Once you sign up on Step 2, you will be redirected to the next page for Step 3, and you will be on your way to Earn as you Learn, with guaranteed earnings of £1,990 (or your money back)!

We’ll also show you a way of earning your £5 back straight away – and how you can make sure that you never have to pay a penny more – ever! 

Money Matters

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