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Do you want to make a difference?

Sign up to buy 2 copies of our monthly booklets or HopeCards to give away!

The money you pay covers our printing and distribution costs, a commission for those who work for us, and the remaining profits are donated to community causes. At least £4.50 from your £6 subscription goes towards community causes or to help people with their household bills.

Your money will go to #PayItForward and provide:

  • a coffee for one person who needs one, and
  • contributing towards the household gas / electric for someone who can’t afford it this month.

Each month, you will also enter a draw for a chance to win:

  • a meal for 2 people worth up to £28,
  • up to £100 weekend break in the UK, or
  • up to £500 in cash.

Want help with household bills (gas and electricity), household food bills and travel costs?

This could be the answer for you! We’re starting a unique scheme, whereby our supporters can personally benefit from earning commission for helping to build our network of members.

Your monthly commissions, when they are earned, can help you in the following ways:

  • up to £6 towards your subscription costs.
  • up to £12 towards a coffee or a lunch out.
  • up to £48 towards your household gas / electric bills.
  • up to £128 towards your food bills – your household food shopping or a meal out.

Simply sign up for £6 a month – to purchase four copies of our booklets – and give them away! (Or you can sell them if you wish, at a profit!) Then sign in to our dedicated website or app; and then share the website and app with others and invite them to sign up too.

When others sign up, you earn commission. The more people sign, the more your share!

Daioni.org.uk is a Community Interest Company which is non-profit, and supports your community